¡Adelante! Seguiremos adelante, unidos como la familia hispana.

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ASHA Division 14

The Hispanic Caucus at ASHA 2009 in

New Orleans

(November 19 - 21, 2009)

Coming Soon!  Check back to find more information about the 2009 ASHA Convention and the Hispanic Caucus' annual meeting- including photos!



Check out our list of Presentations of Hispanic/Bilingual Interest at the 2009 ASHA Conference!





This year's conference was important to the Hispanic Caucus, as a number of members of our community were honored for their achievements and contributions to the profession:

  • Dr. Aquiles Iglesias of Temple University was awarded the Honors of the Association, which is the highest honor that ASHA gives.  This award is granted to individuals who "who are well known throughout the nation and the world for a lifetime of innovative clinical practice, insightful and rigorous research, creative administration, effective legislative activity, outstanding teaching, or other distinguished professional contribution." (ASHADr. Iglesias is the first Latino ever to receive this award.
  • Dr. Kathy Kohnert of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities was awarded ASHA Fellowship and Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Higher Education.  Dr. Kohnert's work, which focuses on bilingualism, has made many contributions to the Hispanic community.
  • Luis Riquelme of the New York Medical College and Riquelme & Associates, PC, was honored with ASHA Fellowship.  Together, Mr. Riquelme and Dr. Svirsky are only the 7th and 8th Latinos to receive this honor.  Luis was a founding member and past-president of the Hispanic Caucus.
  • Dr. Marlene Salas-Provance of New Mexico State University (the 6th Latina to be honored with ASHA Fellowship in 2008), was awarded this year with the Certificate for Special Contributions in Multicultural Affairs.  Dr. Salas-Provance is also a past-president and founding member of the Hispanic Caucus.
  • Dr. Mario A. Svirsky of the New York University, Langone Medical Center was honored with ASHA Fellowship.  As mentioned, he and Luis Riquelme are only the 7th and 8th Latinos to receive this honor.  Dr. Svirsky's work focuses on studying speech perception and speech production in hearing impaired populations, with a special focus on cochlear implants.

The Hispanic Caucus congratulates these individuals for their accomplishments, and we thank them for their contributions to the Hispanic Community!